The idea for the BUOYANT® cable wine storage system came about in 2009 when our founder decided he wanted to design a wine storage system using cables that would be safe, flexible and in line with todays contemporary interior styles. The purpose was also to create a system that was flexible and would allow wine collectors and wine professionals to install the system anywhere and easily expand their wine storage as increased storage capacity is needed.

The introduction of our system to the market has been long time in coming but ultimately we have invented a unique system that is in fact a new design concept for wine storage as we are now starting to incorporate the BUOYANT as a design concept into different styles of frames, brackets and furniture.


BUOYANT® is a trademark of BUOYANT WINE STORAGE LLC (formerly Cable Wine Rack System LLC) was founded in November 2013 and in April 2015 we were granted the utility patent for our invention by the US Patent Office (Patent No.: US 9,060,603 B1). In August 2015 we filed the international patent application (PCT/US15/41692).

Standard system components are made from machined brass with the highest quality chrome finish, 304 stainless steel cables and wood.

As a standard we use red oak for the wooden blocks. But we also offer other wood types depending on customer preference and availability. We offer custom oil staining but unless requested by client wooden blocks are supplied natural. Lead-time on special woods and finishes may vary.

The modular design allows any number of columns and bottles per column to be added. The bottle spread/rows is adjustable. A larger bottle spread increases the visibility through wine rack system. 

The basic system is installed between ceiling to floor or between a soffit and a base. But we also offer a number of standard as well as custom frames and wall brackets for easy installation.

Flexibility is a fundamental quality of the BUOYANT® cable wine storage system. It extends the greatest creative freedom of all wine storage system on the market. The bottle spread can be adjusted vertically, giving clients the possibility to increase visibility through the system. Sections can be built using a starter column and any number of extension column needed. Another great feature of the BUOYANT® system is that the number of bottles in each column can vary and cables are easily cut to the height required. This quality gives great freedom in where the system is installed and the offers the possibility to create patterns and shapes using the wine bottles at display. Columns can be arranged label-forward or cork-forward.