If you are a retailer, distributor, architect or a designer and would like to customize your own BUOYANT® cable wine storage solution you are welcome to reach out to us. We provide many options for creating your own customized solution including different materials, finishes and custom installation units.  


Unless staining is requested the wooden blocks are supplied unstained. We also have a professional staining room at our factory that can do the staining for you.

There are many finishes available which provides the possiblity for clients to create their own custom BUOYANT® wine storage look. Our team has worked in the manufacturing industry for more than two decades in total and are highly experienced with finishes of various kinds for metals, woods and all common materials.  


Installation Units

Installation units provide easy installation solutions  and can offers nummerous display style options for the BUOYANT® cable wine storage system. Our company has an experienced team of designers and engineerings who are able to design custom frames, tracks and brackets for easy installation of the BUOYANT® wine system whether for commercial or residential use.



Standard materials can be substituted for a custom look and quality. Our hardware components and installation units can be made in alternative materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic. In addition woods are also suitable materials for installation unit. Our standard models uses red oak however we can quote based on other requested types of wood. We encourage our fans to sign up for our newsletter as we will continue develop new designs with various materials in the coming future.